About Us

What Is, and Who Are “Save R12 Schools” ?


The Save R-12 Schools Committee is a trans-partisan coalition which is registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission and operates as a campaign committee under the regulations of that public body.

The leadership team of the organization is comprised of former teachers, a former SPS Board Member, former members of individual school Site Councils and District Committees, and veteran advocates for poverty alleviation, children’s welfare, fiscal responsibility, and improved local public education. Some have also served in various capacities in non-profit service agencies, community collaborative endeavors, and neighborhood associations.

Most of this core group worked together in the successful effort to obtain an independent State Audit of SPS.

It is the committee’s view that this scheme, based on a false notion that facilities are the foundation of academic success, will not benefit the children of our community but will cause harm to many neighborhoods throughout our city.

The committee believes that such a counterproductive allocation of funds, expended on a massive program of building closures and consolidations, will ultimately undermine support for public education.